Best Iced Tea Makers – Reviews & Products

1. Breville BTM800XL Tea Maker


The Breville Tea Maker allows tea drinkers the convenience coffee drinkers have enjoyed for years. Set the machine and your tea is ready when you are. The unique automated basket agitates the tea to release all of the flavor from each and every leaf. The temperature control setting ensures any type of tea is steeped to perfection. No more guesswork. The high quality materials are built to last, so you can enjoy years of worry free tea making. The lid and basket are dishwasher safe, however the glass carafe has a stainless steel base with electrical circuits inside, so cannot be immersed in water.



2. Takeya Iced Tea Makers

takeya1Make fresh, cool iced tea in just a few minutes. This super cool iced tea maker brews up a batch of home made iced tea in three easy steps. Just place the loose leaves or tea bags in the infuser, add boiling water, let the tea infuse, add ice cubes and you are all set to drink the best tasting tea you have ever tried.

The Takeya Iced Tea Maker is available in two convenient sizes – the 1 quart and the 2 quart. Use your own tea or try one of the great flavors from Takeya. The unit comes in four cool colors – avocado, black, raspberry and blueberry. The durable acrylic body resists stains and won’t retain any odors. The components are dishwasher safe, but you may want to hand wash for extra longevity and to preserve the clarity of the body.

The lid seals tightly, so you can store the iced tea maker on its side in the refrigerator, if you like. And you don’t have to worry about leaks when you pack your iced tea maker in the picnic basket. Zip on the thermal jacket to keep your tea cooler longer and to absorb condensation



3. Mr. Coffee TM70 Iced Tea Maker

mrcoffeeWith the Mr Coffee Iced Tea Maker, you can brew up custom, fresh tasting iced tea easily with the push of one button. It features a brew strength bar that adjusts the strength of the tea to suit your taste. In about ten minutes, you have full flavored, gourmet iced tea just like the coffeehouse blends. The Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker quickly and easily brews up three quarts (2.84 liters) of iced tea. The machine includes four delicious recipes to expand your tea drinking experience.

Brewing fresh, home-made iced tea has never been easier. The machine can be used with loose tea leaves or tea bags to quickly create refreshing cool drinks. You can make any type of tea you like, from traditional unsweetened tea to gourmet blends infused with your favorite flavors. All you do is put in the tea, add water, your favorite flavor and ice, then let the machine do the rest. When the brewing is complete, the machine shuts off automatically. Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Makers are available in three colors – blue, teal and watermelon.

The pitcher stores easily in the fridge to keep your tea fresh, cool and ready whenever you want a drink!



4. Mr. Coffee BVMC-TM33 Iced Tea Maker

Mr-Coffee-BVMC1The Mr. Coffee BVMC-TM33 Iced Tea Cafe lets you brew up fresh, homemade, gourmet iced tea with just one touch. The process is very simple – just fill the reservoir with water, place some tea bags or loose tea leaves in the brewing basket, fill the pitcher with ice and press the brew button. It is a little more complicated than making coffee, but still very simple. Let the machine steep your tea for a few minutes to allow all of the rich tea flavor to infuse with the water.



The Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker includes the machine, glass pitcher, brewing basket, permanent filter and 20 fabulous recipes. The machine brews everything from simple iced tea, to an antioxidant pomegranate-blueberry sparkler, and everything in between. You can even create your own unique blends. This machine makes brewing fresh, home-made iced tea easier than ever. Use loose tea leaves or tea bags to quickly and easily create refreshing summertime drinks, anytime you like. The brew is ready in about ten minutes and the unit automatically shuts off when the cycle completes. This machine is not designed for hot tea, although you can drink it hot, without the ice.


5. Hamilton Beach 40911 Iced Tea Maker

hamiltonbeach1The Hamilton Beach Iced Tea Maker quickly and easily brews up a fresh pitcher of tea in about ten minutes. The strength selector allows you to choose the strength of the tea. It comes with a large two quart pitcher, that has a slim design, so it fits nicely in the door of most refrigerators. The pitcher goes easily from brewer to table, making it great for picnics, family gatherings or any time you want a refreshing drink. The machine pays for itself in no time. No more bottles or cans of iced tea to buy and clog up the landfills. The machine can be used over and over, providing you with years of refreshment.

You can use tea bags or loose yea leaves. Full instructions on how to make tea are imprinted on the slide out receptacle, so you never have to worry about losing the manual. The machine may look bulky, the pitcher inverts onto the heating unit for compact storage. The lid fits snug to prevent leaks. Once you have added the tea, water to the reservoir and filled the pitcher with ice, just push the button and wait for the cycle to complete. The machine automatically shuts off when brewing is done.


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